Why Flooved loves Tutorcruncher:

Hi all, we’d just like to let you know about a great company in the tutor management space which is helping more people become tutors and set up tutor businesses, it’s pretty damn cool, so here is what it does:

Tutorcruncher solves the management challenges of tutoring companies with its new software.

As the number of tutoring businesses increases it becomes evident the need for a system that eases the management within these companies. Woody Webster and Malachy Guinness saw this opportunity and launched www.tutorcruncher.com

This cloud-based platform allows tutoring companies to manage their internal information as well as all the data regarding their students and teachers. It cuts down the time spent on the endless paperwork and keeps administration to a minimum.

Flooved recommends Tutorcruncher because it totally streamlines running a tutoring business. From dealing with new tutors applications, create lesson reports and amongst other things automatically invoice your clients.


It’s Official: Students Love Flooved!!!!

Hi All,

We just received this awesome email from a student newspaper in the UK, with some great student feedback! There is really nothing like concrete validation that the product you are building is not only doing some good but is loved by its users. Anyway  here it goes:

(I’ve ommitted full names for data privacy reasons)


Hi Flooved,

I’m a student at Falmouth University and I write for my student newspaper, Flex.  I’m writing about Flooved in an upcoming feature because I think the services your business provides are fantastic and more people need to know about you.  I’ve interviewed a large number of maths students who use your site regularly and they truly love your service.

I understand you are incredibly busy but if you have time to briefly answer either of the questions below it would really aid the feature.

In interviews you’ve mentioned expanding flooved’s resources beyond maths and physics into other subject areas, what areas are you particularly interested in?

Currently you’re working with a few Universities in the UK and one in America, however your users are worldwide, is that international reach something you expected so soon after your launch?  And now that it’s happening, is forming partnerships with higher education institutions globally something you’re trying to work towards?Best of luck with the business,

Thanks for your time



Wasn’t that cool!




A little update: traction since we launched……

We thought it was high time to give everyone a little update as to how well we’re doing over here at Flooved.com since relaunching 3 months ago. Wow, things have been busy and my god have they been hectic but all the hard work is paying off and we couldn’t be happier!

Not only has user feedback from both students and professors been fantastic but we can also sleep well at night knowing that we are making a  real difference to peoples lives…. Not only are students in the west using Flooved (which is great for our business model) but students in less economically developed countries are using Flooved in droves!

So here we go, in the last three months since launching we have:

  • 38,000+ Users
  • 2,000+ Professors Users
  • From 191 Countries (according to Google Analytics everywhere bar N.Korea)
  • 5 University trials
  • 800+ Professors contributing content
  • 8300+ pieces of content submitted
  • After vetting 1600+ high quality eTextbooks published to live 
  • Our main markets our the US, UK, Columbia, Brazil, Iran and Singapore
  • In the process of integrating with a few dozen university libraries
  • Gathered around us an expert advisory board including Aubrey de Grey, Conrad Wolfram, Lady Pauline Perry, Dame Janet Finch, Mary Curnock Cook (CEO of UCAS), Dr Paul Ayris (Head librarian at UCL) and many more…..
  • Featured in the press, VentureBeat http://venturebeat.com/2013/09/20/posh-angel-investors-fund-flooved-a-spotify-for-textbooks-exclusive/ and this one in London loves business: bit.ly/15NdM89
  • And lots more…….

We have a whole host of new features coming out next week which we are currently testing in house, such as Q&A and interactive personalised timelines, we’ll let you know as soon as these go live.

To all you students out there, we wish you the best of success this term/semester!!

A little glimpse at our amazing hompage

A little glimpse at our amazing homepage

Our interactive reader

Our interactive reader

Tutorfair and Flooved team up

Tutorfair and Flooved team up

Tutorfair and Flooved are both passionate about helping students get the best results in education that they can.  Flooved provides free textbooks and Tutorfair gives free tutoring to children who can’t afford it.  If only we could find someone to provide a free lunch ….

Flooved provides free educational content for those studying Maths and Physics at university. This content is provided by academics and acts as textbooks available online.  The idea came about because it didn’t seem right that students had to pay for access to educational content. Their website now has heaps of online textbooks available for free so please check it out and make use of this expert guidance.

If you find that you still need that extra bit of help, this is whereTutorfair comes in. We have fantastic tutors who can help in degree level Maths and Physics. So, we now have a link on Flooved’s website where, with a click of a button, you can be on our site finding the perfect tutor for you. Not only this, but our brilliant tutors are currently busy annotating the textbooks on Flooved to provide even more guidance to those tricky theorems and equations.

So, with a bit of help from Flooved and a bit of help from Tutorfair, you will get the support you need to get the results you want. 

Illustration from www.posterenvy.com  CC-by 

Flooved are very excited to be working with WriteLaTeX.com

We are excited to announce that we are working WriteLaTex.com to help students and professors more easily create beautiful documents and submit them straight to Flooved…..
Creating full blown documents in Latex can be pretty damn difficult but now we are working with WriteLatex.com it’s much much easier. WriteLaTex lets you easily collaborate online to create beautiful Latex documents with rapid viewUse it for projects, homework, to write your lecture notes with or just to create great looking mathematical formulas
Now whenever you use Flooved you can access WriteLatex with just one click.
See for yourself just how easy it is:

 Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 13.32.52Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 13.31.32

Free iPad for the new academic year?


This is Nicolas and Hamish from Flooved, we’re happy to announce we’re giving away some iPads!

Just use Google Connect on Flooved to invite some of your friends to enjoy all of our free content as well, and win an iPad3.


How this works:  All you need is to get 1000 students to sign up…it’s much much easier than you think: it’s not only your friends and colleagues you invite directly which count, but the people they invite, and then the people they invite, and so on…


A bit lost? Let us explain: with only a couple of clicks you invite some of your friends onto Flooved. Then if 10 people sign up and they get 10 people each to sign up who also get 10 people each to sign up… you have got to your 1000 students, and got yourself a brand new iPad for free.

As you will have noticed by now, there’s a great advantage here to being the early bird… So, as long as you invite even a handful of students you can pretty quickly end up with a 1000 students signing up thanks to you. If anything is not clear, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

To get to the invite page, you can either (a) click on this link or (b) click on the “Invite Friends” page below bookmarks on the homepage, (c) at the top of the friends of the page or (d) in the drop down menu when you click on your avatar.

Another exciting week!

Wow it has been exciting week here at Flooved, we have seen social annotations go live. Yes you can now add notes to books, add references, suggest other texts and whole lot more to all of your friends on the platform.

Did I mention they also have markup and latex integration which is pretty cool.

We have also built in our Gmail integration, which will allow you to easily, in only two clicks invite some (ideally all!) of your contacts to sign up to Flooved.com. We have just spent this afternoon testing it out and it will be deployed live on Monday!

Our user-base has grown at a phenomenal rate, we now have over 10,000 users, which is pretty exciting and it just keeps growing! 

We have also had quite few nice news articles written about us:




We’ve also got a very exciting competition starting next week which students will particularly appreciate…keep your eyes and ears peeled and have a great weekend.